David Epstein

Founder, Proprietor

David is a fifth generation Kansas Citian. He was drawn back from New York by Kansas City’s recent cultural and entertainment boom to create a place where Jay Gatsby, Tom Pendergast, and Charlie Parker would be happy to belly up to the bar.

Most Memorable Drink: "Horsefeather! The taste of horseflesh and feathers has always appealed to me."

Steve Revare

Founder, FActotum

Steve has lived in the KC area his whole life. He’s a serial entrepreneur who is excited to introduce a new brand that shows the country what Kansas City creativity can do.

Most Memorable Drink: "My most memorable drink was a simple apple cider and whiskey concoction, served on the rocks. I had it at Nobu in Vegas. Soon after I was refused entrance to a bar for wearing Converse All-Stars."