Cocktail Menu



Distiller's Flight - $8
Samples of Tom’s Town’s award-winning spirits:
Eli’s StrongArm Vodka
Pendergast’s Royal Gold Bourbon
McElroy’s Corruption Gin

Gold Medal Martini - $12
StrongArm Vodka or Corruption Gin

Missouri Mules - $10
StrongArm Vodka, Corruption Gin, Royal Gold Bourbon

Old Fashioned - $12
choice of Royal Gold Bourbon or Corruption Gin

Negroni or Boulevardier - $12
choice of Corruption Gin or Royal Gold Bourbon

Bloody First Ward - $9
KCCCo. Bloody Mary mix, made with your choice of
StrongArm Vodka or Corruption Gin

Aviation - $10
Corruption Gin, maraschino liqueur, Creme de Violette, lemon juice

Dog's Nose - $10
Corruption Gin, Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler

Sazerac - $12
Royal Gold Bourbon, High West Double Rye, absinthe, Peychaud's Bitters

Tom's Town Sangria - $10
white - StrongArm Vodka, white wine, melon, cucumber, white grape,
coriander-fennel syrup
rose - Corruption Gin, rose, lime, orange syrup, rose petal extract
red - Royal Gold Bourbon, Zinfandel, hibiscus-ancho chile syrup


The Pinky Blitz - $10
Eli’s StrongArm Vodka, orange & ginger liqueur, ginger beer,
KCCCo. Blood Orange Ginger Shrub

Devil's Brew - $10
Serrano pepper-infused StrongArm Vodka, lime,
served with a Victoria beer

Drowning Rabbit - $10
(a Tom's Town bottled cocktail)
mint-infused StrongArm Vodka, lime, sugar

Country Bookkeeper - $10
Corruption Gin, grapefruit, lime, sugar, soda

Troubled Mary - $10
Corruption Gin, Cappelletti, orange juice, absinthe rinse

Angel of 12th Street - $10
Corruption Gin, ruby port, champagne, lemon

Centropolis Crusher - $12
Royal Gold Bourbon, Big O ginger liqueur, raspberry syrup, ginger ale

The Gambling Goat - $12
Royal Gold Bourbon, Orgeat syrup, orange juice, black walnut bitters

Craft Beer and Wine Available